Super Bowl! NY Giants!

OMG.  NY Giants win!  (against New England Patriots; again!!). Yay, Giants!

I had actually called the score, days ago, when I put in my picks.  Man, I should have put money on this.

Still: the Giants win!

Regarding the commercials: the Coke polar bears commercials were sweet, as was the MetLife  commercial that brought Peanuts characters with other cartoons (even Voltron!).  The NFL commercial (supposedly about safety in the sport, but really about the history of football) was moving, as was the one where they thanked fans (after all, this season had a lockout).  Other commercials – ugh.

Also, I didn’t hate the Matthew Broderick as not-Ferris Bueller commercial, but you had to wonder why he had to do it for Honda.

Otherwise, way too much end-of-world commercials (really?  Chevy trucks and Twinkies will survive alien invasions?  in addition to trailers for movies that I’ll pass on, thanks).   I think one of us at triscribe will post links to the commercials or articles about the commercials.

What a Super Bowl, ultimately…