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Something to amuse us:

From the 11/4/11 edition of “Mother Goose and Grimm” by Mike Peters:

Mother Goose: “See, Grimm, that’s a cardinal, but not all cardinals are red. Some cardinals are yellow, and some are grey.” (she’s reading a book on birds, during the bird watching)

Grimm, the dog (really bored): “Which is the most popular cardinal?”

Mother Goose (deadpan): “Stan Musial.”

Grimm: look of surprise.

Old joke, probably, but I thought that it was funny.

In the current storyline, for the week of 11/7/11, Grimm’s friend, a not-that-bright dog, Ralph, is dating G.M., the corporation, because he heard that corporations are people. Ralph’s dating life isn’t very good to begin with, and his dating corporations simply continues this. Poor Ralph.

In other news from the world of comics/comic strips:

The passing of Bil Keane of “Family Circus.” Jeff Keane’s been slowly taking over the comic awhile ago, so it’ll probably still continue. (“Billy” became an animator, in his real life identity as Glen Keane, who worked on many a modern Disney project; it’s all on “Jeffy” now).

Some links: from; MSNBC (via Associated Press). Nice thoughts from Gael Fashingbauer Cooper at, Stephan Pastis of “Pearls Before Swine,” and even from The Comics Curmudgeon, who has amusingly teased, and will continue to tease, “Family Circus,” something we can all keep going back to in the comics section.

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