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I have done a spin off on tumblr, with a book blog (more or less): Literature in Motion (and Other Things). Kind of like how “Frasier” spun off of “Cheers.”

I’ll continue doing the longer, rambling posts here on triscribe, in addition to the tv commentaries. But, basically, I’m going on-line with this experiment that I began in a book journal, noting on the books that I’ve been reading.

I’m so looking forward to more “Fringe”… This Friday’s episode was a good episode, even if not great. Guest star: Alan Ruck, the ex-Cameron from “Ferris Bueller,” the ex-Capt. Harriman of “Star Trek: Generations,” and ex-Stuart of “Spin City.” I won’t spoil the episode, but will link to Ken Tucker’s blog post about it over at Entertainment Weekly. (and, yeah, there’s a “Lost” guest star…).

The preview for next week’s episode – awesome!

Friday nights with Fringe! – Entertainment Weekly has a great article (I think by Ken Tucker; I’d have to find the link or grab my dead tree copy of the issue) about how the show should continue (Tucker’s blog post about that particular subject: it’s pretty much the article, really).

It has been pretty intriguing that, on cable, The Hub channel has been airing in its schedule an old favorite like “Family Ties.” Watched the rerun of the series finale – Michael J. Fox and Meredith Baxter were such acting powerhouses, as they played Alex and Elise, the son and mother who butt heads because they are both so stubborn – and so emotional. Good stuff.

Meanwhile, TeenNick will be returning Nickelodeon 1990’s lineup to the screens. Can’t say that I have much of an opinion on that, since it’s not my nostalgia – I didn’t have cable for a good chunk of the 1990’s, and when I did, I was at college and watching cable for things like, I don’t know, CNN or NY1 or James Bond marathons before final exams or wondering what was the deal with Shark Week.

In the spirit of the Nickelodeon news, Ken Tucker over at EW highlights one particular bit of nostalgia – Double Dare. That was definitely a time of Nickelodeon’s roots – catapulting Marc Summers to fame (to whatever extent) and the rise of slime and other kid-friendly icky things.

And, it’s because of Double Dare that I can’t really watch Summers on “Unwrapped” on Food Network without wondering about his old kid show (or at least, I do wonder how did Summers get so bland on “Unwrapped”; he did have a bit of twinkle or sarcasm when he was on Double Dare).

Ultimately, I like a good old 1980’s/1990’s nostalgia. There’s something entertaining about that, in ways that the 2010’s stuff haven’t quite measured up, or has been so different. Well, except for “Fringe.” Not even “X-Files” questioned about the effectiveness of … “soul magnets.” (Oh, Walter and “Belly.” You two are such crazy mad scientists.)

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