Yet Another Heat Wave 2010

“Hawaii 5-0” gets a Hawaiian blessing; hopefully, this means that it’ll be a decent show and gets some decent ratings.

Of the “Facts of Life” cast, I’ve admired Kim Fields for having a prolonged career – that she went on to do “Living Single” by the 1990’s – that’s not a bad deal (I think Nancy McKeon was the other cast member who didn’t do too badly either).  Thought that this was a nice article about Fields, as she proceeds to do more directing and producing in her career, and still act, and not disassociating herself from “Facts of Life” (although, I kind of agree with her – being forever “Tootie” probably gets a little annoying as an adult).

(oh, and yes, I did see that silly reunion Facts of Life tv movie – nothing impressive, but it was nice to see most of the cast together again, although they acted like the characters played by Cloris Leachman, George Clooney, and Mackenzie Astin didn’t exist, to my vague recollection).

Asian American International Film Festival 2010!  I saw “Back to the Future” (the compilation of sci-fi/sci-fi-ish/abstract short films) on Friday night.  “Mao’s Last Dancerat AAIFF was postponed to Sunday; it was its NY debut; see trailer here.

The thing is – maybe I’m a little more fascinated in seeing more diverse casting and work by APA’s (in front of and behind the screens) – possibly since I’m still a little bewildered by “The Last Airbender” by M. Night Shyamalan (and yeah, I still haven’t posted my full comments on that subject).

NY Times’ Sunday Routine: Q & A with NY Philharmonic’s Alan Gilbert (who spends his Sunday in a very NY way, he  being a native NYer; he’s also half-Japanese, lest anyone thinks this is somehow completely un-Triscribe-relevant).

Summer tv:

The return of “Mad Men” on AMC.  I’m so behind this particular series, but it’s visually gripping – the style!

Royal Pains” – Dr. Hank’s dad actually helped Hank this past episode, as Hank rescued the rich teenagers of the Hamptons from their hijinks and their medical problems.  I still can’t get over seeing Henry Winkler as the father of brothers Hank and Evan – “Fonzie” as his slippery best.  Plus, Divya, the physician’s assistant, might actually be smarter than either Hank or Evan.  Thumbs up for this past episode.

Let’s deal with the latest heat wave in the city; may I never complain about snowstorms again.

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