Kylie Kim's Interview & An Amazing Hidden Audience Talents Duet on TEDS (2010-01-07) [Part 5/5]

    Kylie from the Microsoft ads has her SAG card and a green belt in Tae Kwon Do – at age 5 1/2! She's so cute!    

The First Month of 2010

Been terribly behind on everything lately, possibly due to continuing shock that it’s freaking 2010.

The following was a commercial about the year 2000; just replace it with the year 2010, and you’ll get what I’m feeling: It’s Freaking 2010?!…  We’re in the future… but where are the flying cars?   As Avery Brooks (Sisko of “Star Trek: DS9”) says: “Flying cars; I was promised flying cars!” (minus the lines about IBM; but emphasis on Brooks’ amazing voice). (I previously embedded this here).