December 2009 Continues

Due to my fear of the trend of anti-biotic resistant bacteria, this Slate article by Brian Palmer was quite fascinating – he’s suggest we adapt, much as the bacteria are adapting. Sure, we should evolution to our advantage.

Sad news: Time’s Richard Lacayo is ending the “Looking Around” blog on to concentrate on other writing work. I’ve liked how it’s such a unique art blog – I’ve liked the post on paintings with red, and I liked his blog post analyzing the Tower of Lights. To me, a good art blog brings both amazing images and analysis; Lacayo did just that on “Looking Around.”

I hate to think that the 2000’s decade has flown by so fast, but already there are the decade in review stuff. Newsweek has this odd “What If Gore Won” feature – one where a President Al Gore made a disastrous presidency, without preventing 9/11/01 and still going into two not-very-good wars (by Michael Isikoff) and another where President Al Gore didn’t do too bad a job (with a ridiculously recalcitrant VP Joe Lieberman; he also nominates Obama to the US Supreme Court, as J. O’Connor’s successor – what an alternate universe!) (by David Rakoff).

Personally, my favorite Parallel Universe President Al Gore is this Saturday Night Live skit that I had embedded a long time ago (and re-post again).

Interesting article and interview on covering President Obama’s half-brother Mark Ndesandjo, who resides in Guangzhou and Shenzhen in China. He seems positive about minority/ethnic inter-relations within China. Well, we can hope, I guess.

China is reclaiming Mulan for cinematic purposes, since why should Disney get all the profit of the character? Well, I’m all for giving more opportunities for Asian female actresses.

Last but not least, Angry Asian Man posts links about the first Vietnamese-American woman on the federal bench. How exciting!

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