Happy Birthday, Sesame Street! (and other things)

A little behind on the blogging, so: yeah, the Yankees won the World Series and there was that parade down the Canyon of Heroes. Some day, the Mets will be there. Some day. I’d just like it to be in my lifetime, really.

It’s the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street!!! Fascinating coverage. There’s NY Times’ Alessandra Stanley on the subject of changes in the world that Sesame Street (and its viewers) exist. Time’s James Poniewozik posits that Sesame Street helped make a couple of generations of discerning tv viewers.

Time’s Top Ten Sesame Street moments.

A Q & A with Kevin Clash, the man behind Elmo.

On other television items: behind on “How I Met Your Mother” and missing out on “Community.”

I did get to see last week’s “Fringe,” wherein Agent Broyles turns out to have a back story. His work destroyed his marriage; the idea that he wanted to save his country to save his family, but that work destroyed it, via divorce; kind of mundane, if you really think about it, and then you realize, wait, he was chasing a shadow alien/cosmonaut possessed by a shadow alien that’s killing people? Only on “Fringe” (which was basically doing its variation on an episode that X-Files did, a long time ago, which was freaky to me because of the whole idea of an alien possessing an astronaut and the astronaut’s attempt at self-sacrifice).

Then again, I kind of find that the idea that Broyles has a mundane back story (that of mundane divorce) to be kind of nice, in that it injects some reasonable sense of normalcy in the otherwise weird and wacky world of “Fringe.” I mean, the man otherwise has a chemistry with a woman who has a bionic arm powered by technology from a parallel universe; that whole Broyles/Nina Sharp interaction is pretty fascinating (powerful people, who aren’t young, and who have agendas to pursue; heck, it makes sense, compared to the mundane of Agent Olivia Dunham’s boring sister).

I am completely behind on the whole trend of “Mad Men.” I’ve followed the plot summaries/commentary on various blogs, and I’m intrigued by the show; why am I so not on this gripping stuff? I’m not always on A&E, that’s the thing.

On this Veterans’ Day – take a moment to pause and think about the veterans and those on active duty.