Election Day 2009

Go vote. Daily News’ Michael Daly points out how it becomes even more important to vote during an otherwise moribund campaign season:

Who wants to choose between giving Bloomberg what he should not have and depriving the city of a mayor it needs?

The impulse is not to vote at all.

Fight it. Look at it as a challenge.

Anybody can vote in a historic contest like the last presidential election.

Then, you felt part of history being made.

The test comes when it just feels like history being perpetuated.

What we need to remember then is that the right to vote is what defines us, not the particular candidate we choose. [….]

Today’s election seems a yawn.

Unless you consider that “The Star-Spangled Banner” we sing about before every ballgame as well as upon a new warship’s arrival is a symbol of freedom.

And freedom begins with the vote.

The sailors and Marines on the New York sail into harm’s way to defend freedom. The least we can do is exercise it.

The arrival of the USS New York got big attention. The NY Times’ coverage includes video on their website.

An interesting look at Gracie Mansion, from the Daily News.

Fascinating story about a Bronx-born woman, Linda Noel Kawabata, who is a sake sommelier.

Umm, trying not to think about work while not at work, personally, but NY Times’ John Tierney has an interesting column on workplace gossip and the science behind it.

A whole article on jaywalking and how other media cover jaywalking, in Slate – interesting; one of my many pet peeves is seeing people cross the street at Rector and Trinity in downtown, even though a bus is right about to hit them.

Fascinating article on Al Gore in Newsweek – how his strengths and weaknesses are what make him uniquely him; he is a lot more open-minded and hopeful about climate change and environmentalism than I thought.