It finally feels like summer, or We Hit 90

We had 90 degrees today. Finally, the first time since April 2009. Weird summer, temperature-wise.

Summer television:

I managed to watch “Psych” – wherein Shawn and Gus are in Vancouver and go after a thief, amusingly played by Cary Elwes (who – while no longer in his Princess Bride prime, was game for silliness).

Law and Order: Criminal Intent” has been a show I’ve managed to avoid for quite awhile now – Vincent D’Onofrio tired me out (plus I miss the lack of lawyers) and I was wary of seeing Jeff Goldblum on the series (I liked him back when he did “Raines” – and worried if he was just playing a saner version of Raines but transplanted in NYC). The season finale, wherein Goldblum’s Detective Nichols works with Detective Eames (played by Kathryn Erbe; the character’s showing more gumption when she’s not overshadowed by Det. Goren’s drama) try to stop a revoluntary terrorist (that’s the best I can describe it). It got silly, but at least it was watchable and entertaining. Summary here. NBC should’ve actually aired it, but so that goes.

Not that I understand NBC these days; I’m still unsure of their plan to have Jay Leno take over the primetime 10-11pm slot. Time’s James Poniewozik (who’s on vacation, and thus allowed “Robo-James” take over his blog) posts the question of why viewers and/or critics take umbrage of NBC’s low-brow decision-making. He makes the point that, yeah, NBC has a venerable history of scripted tv; but he questions the logic of being attached to a broadcast network when the attachment’s usually to a tv show itself.

Personally, my reaction to the broadcast networks stem from the years of not having cable (therefore relying on the networks to give me tv) and how they treat my favorite shows and/or how they promote themselves (branding’s the thing that brainwashes us all).

I resented CBS for how they canceled “Due South” way back when; and pretty much avoided it because they didn’t have shows I cared for (and seemed to target an older audience). I’ve come to respect it for being traditional and stable (which seems to be how they branded themselves for the longest time now; CBS manages to retain the sitcom in its traditional format – and less traditional format – like “How I Met Your Mother”) and having less idiotic reality shows (considering the power of “Survivor” and “Amazing Race” – okay, not “Big Brother,” which I still avoid like the plague that it is).

I’ve been attached to ABC for a multitude of reasons – their news, their cartoons (back in the day), and their weird tv shows (they took chances, because for a long time, they were in the basement).

FOX — well, it’s FOX.

And, NBC was supposed to be better than silly, but I questioned it – and nominated it for worst tv of 2008 – when they gave us “Knight Rider” (and didn’t even bother to do it right; I mean, come on – you can’t quite mess up campiness). If you don’t have the shows I want to watch, you’re not destination I’m going to watch. (Hence, I watch more PBS these days).

Wat Misaka was apparently the first non-Caucasian player in modern professional basketball. Cool.

FC told me about how he and P had a great time in Montreal; he referred me to a pretty cool video of the concert they had seen of Coldplay (not by FC):

Last but not least, as we all could use a little smile: awww… cute dog!