Some Fun!

Scientists discover a new exo-planet that could be Earth-like. Why are they always so determined to look for an Earth-like, inhabitable planet, when we wouldn’t even get there for by space travel for generations. Unless… we want to be a lost colony escaping Cylons or something. … why do I even mention that when I’m not a Battlestar Galactica viewer… well…

The latest “Fringe” – hmm. Why do I think that the multiverses will collide and cause problems? Will Walter’s creepiness, humor, and guilt cause problems? Will Olivia figure anything out about her odd past – or that her sister and her niece are just drags? Will Peter realize how mysterious he is (besides being a fake MIT graduate)? Will Charlie realize that Olivia’s deep in weird shit? How much does Broyles know/not know?… Too many questions as usual; but, pretty entertaining, particularly with this Television Without Pity feature where the Fringe characters a matched with their other J.J. Abrams’ analogies.

I managed to watch some “Heroes” this week; why does the show keep sucking me in, when it’s not even that well done? Sylar’s unstoppable. How are the writers going to write themselves out of this madness? And… Uh… well… Guess Nathan’s in danger, again. Is he the obligatory whipping boy for each season? The writers of “Heroes” should consider some character consistency and trying more than recycling X-Men storylines (or, if you do, do it well, please).

I managed to catch the last 15 minutes of “Chuck” on Monday – that was fun! Actor Scott Bakula (ex-Sam of “Quantum Leap,” and ex-Capt. Archer of “Star Trek: Enterprise”) was redeemed (as an actor with a good role; and as Chuck’s long-lost dad; he saves Chuck and comes home for Chuck and his sister). Even Chevy Chase was redeemed (well, as an actor with a good role; not his character, who appears to be pretty villainous). NBC – please renew “Chuck”!

Kind of enjoying “The Unusuals” on ABC. ABC, please consider giving this show more time to grow; there’s a lot of potential and some amount of heart – which I like to see on tv. It’s not like you’ve that many stuff that’s not “Dancing with the Stars” or whatnot.

And, I’ve been pretty into Craig Ferguson – he’s a good laugh, I must say – and one word: puppets!!!