Post-Inaugural Stuff

President Obama and Ch. J. Roberts re-did the oath of office, just to be on the safe side. More description in the Washington Post.

Arguably, maybe one could blame Ch. J. Roberts’ flub to the Curse of the Split Infinitive and how grammatical people try to correct what they (instinctively) think is not grammatically correct (after all, where would you stick “faithfully” in the oath? beginning or the end of the sentence? split the infinitive? well, it was written back when they didn’t care as much about grammar or punctuation).

So, there are presidents who re-did the oath of office. It’s really no big deal!

Uh, so they had to resort to using some pre-recording to support Yo-Yo Ma and Itzak Perlman and their colleagues during the inauguration. I’m not surprised and I’d forgive them; it was really cold and even on the news later on, Perlman was all, “My fingers were frozen…” (paraphrased) – better to make things smooth than not (when there were enough troubles for the inauguration).

Fascinating story by NY Times’ Jodi Kantor about Obama’s multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious extended family – a modern American thing, really.

Plus, Obama not only brought out the sea of humanity onto D.C., he continued to save tv by bringing out ratings, lots of ratings.

Interesting story about the state of the ethnic newspapers of NYC.

Oh, and “Lost” is back, and no less crazier than ever. Priceless line (in the delivery anyway), by the ageless (or time traveling?) Richard to John Locke: “It’s a compass… it points north, John.”

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