“How I Met Your Mother”

So, I’m just giddy – giddy! – from the latest “How I Met Your Mother” episode!

The return of FutureTed’s teenage kids sitting on the couch in the year 2030 and thinking their dad and his friends are lame.

Robin as her “Robin Sparkles” alter ego from her Canadian teenager pop star years (apparently, Canada in the 1990’s was America in the 1980’s… umm, only works on this show, really!).

James Van der Beek (the ex-Dawson of “Dawson’s Creek”) as Robin’s teenage crush from Canada.

Lily reverting to her teenage self when her high school friend Michelle shows up. Her friend Michelle, a psych behavioral (?) Phd. student at Columbia, explains the technical psychological explanation for this reversion (which she admits happens to her when she’s with Lily) (cool! A new friend!).

And, a Barney and Robin development. Ohmigod, they actually went there! Those writers!…

Please, Writers and CBS – please don’t mess this up! CBS – renew this show!

I’m off the soap box now.