An April Mid-Week

Sunday: a friend’s birthday; Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra; Caffe Buon Gusto.

Unclutter! Yep, that’s the story of my life, my perpetually renewed New Year’s resolution, etc. Some interesting stuff in this particular Slate article on resources on uncluttering, organizing, and making life better.

Monday – NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship – Kansas beat Memphis. Quite a game – close, and overtime. I so did not have either team on my brackets. I had North Carolina v. UCLA, with UNC as champion; how was I to know that Kansas would have kicked UNC out? I’m not a prognosticator after all.

(oh, and not a spoiler – Tuesday – NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship – Tennesee beat Stanford).

The story behind William Shea, Sr., for whom Shea Stadium was named – the lawyer who was quite the fixer/fixture. A nice story, even if the last home opener at Shea Stadium didn’t come with a nice victory.

Mark “The Minimalist” Bittman on fish wrapped in romaine leavesin the video, he explains the concept of blanching the leaves and poaching the fish. Plus, he made it so elegant and easy – wrapping the fish in leaves and poaching in butter and wine… my oh my… looks very nice and delicious indeed.

Catching up on stuff:

NY Times’ Nicholas D. Kristof on how anti-intellectualism in America (or at least anti-reason or anti-judgment) can be a disservice to Americans.

I finally got around to reading the moving NY Times obituary of Dith Pran, the Cambodian photojournalist whose experience of surviving the horrors in Cambodia later dramatized in the film “The Killing Fields.”