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Watching the Oscars as of this writing. Jon Stewart’s pretty funny so far; the writers are doing well!

Time’s Joel Stein invites George Clooney to his house for dinner. George Clooney, former contractor, helps out by looking for the source of a beeping sound in the house… Well, either way, George Clooney’s still The Man!

This past week’s “Law and Order” – an interesting episode, but glaring plotholes. Some thoughts from the episode, in the order that the thing appeared in the episode:

So far as I can tell, the episode isn’t quite ripped-off-the-headlines, unless one counts the Real Life US Supreme Court’s future decision on death penalty by injection. (well, the S. Ct’s decision to hear oral arguments came sometime late last year, so it might have been around the time that they made the episode, I’m guessing).

Anyway, about the plot:

doctor visiting NYC is murdered; matter of mistaken identity – the wrong doctor was murdered, and it’s connected to a botched death penalty case in South Carolina;

Detective Lupo flirts with the girl at the South Carolina hotel desk;

Lieutenant Van Buren and D.A. McCoy seem to enjoy ordering their subordinates to hop on down to South Carolina, perhaps to get Lupo/Green/Cutter/Rubirosa from irritating them (well, actually, Cutter seems to both irritate and impress McCoy; can’t tell what kind of reactions the others inspire);

D.A. McCoy argues a point of law in the judge’s chambers because Exec. A.D.A. Cutter suddenly felt that there was an argument he couldn’t argue (which made no sense to me);

anti-death penalty judge allows the defendant to bring in the vegetable brain-damaged convicted killer (victimized by the botch death penalty punishment) as an exhibit in the trial of the defendant who killed the wrong doctor (what? in real NYC, this would have had a media circus coming);

A.D.A. Rubirosa seems to be Cutter’s conscience – it’ll take awhile and she’ll challenge him, but he’ll listen to her and agree to negotiate a plea instead of continuing to prosecute a lousy case;

and last but not least, I still don’t know where Cutter stands on the issue of death penalty because of the not-making sense parts of the episode.

Hmm. Well, at least Jesse L. Martin, Jeremy Sisto, and Linus Roache were all easy on the eyes.

Sat night: dinner with the alumni group at Woo Chon in the stone’s throw of K-town. Some Korean bbq. Delicious food.

Well, speaking of Korean food, kimchi’s being shipped into space, to feed a Korean astronaut. What’ll they think of next?

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