Valentine Wake Up

An “Auntie” of mine passed away this week (it’s a complicated genealogical relationship – the closest “western” description would be my mom’s younger sister’s husband’s cousin.) Her wake ended up being on Valentine’s Day. The nicest thing there was the three frames of photos throughout her life, from the wedding in Jamaica, the ones raising the kids (and a shot of the living room from the old house), and trips to China and back to the Caribbean. She had a good life and a loving family.

Afterwards, P- and I went to Randazzo’s in Sheepshead Bay. Even at 9 PM, the place was pulling a 35 minute wait for their glorious seafood, today being served on actual tablecloths. Normally, if you did not know better, you would first think it is cafeteria-style Italian with its linoleum floors and plain decor, but you would be very wrong. Calamari is not stereotypical here. Their secret red sauce that accompanies the plate is the star. It is thick and rich and must have some seafood stock to pump it up. The advertised cherry stones on the half shell were fresh, meaty, and full of flavor. We shared the lobster fra diablo, which was more than enough for the two of us. We saved some lobster pieces and red sauce for dinner the next night, which we used to cover our own pasta, licking our fingers. Recommended for the seafood, but you’ll have to go elsewhere for dessert. Some reviews gripe about how it isn’t Olive Garden, and that they serve 1950 style 8 oz Cokes out of the cheeky bottles, but deal with it – it’s inherently Brooklyn.

Afterwards, we did a flyby and visited the old digs in Sheepshead Bay. Much has changed, but much has stayed the same. There were a few new buildings, including a large Petco. We had one of our usual late night shopping dates at the nearby Stop N Shop, and we bumped into some people that we knew from NYU alumni (making my random meetup quota for the month). Maybe we’ll move back to the neighborhood.

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