Super Bowl!!!

OhmiGod — NY Giants win!!! Super Bowl 42 Champions!!! We beat the almost-perfect Patriots!!!

Regarding the Super Bowl commercials – my thoughts anyway – the ad where the deaf individuals had the clever way of finding their deaf friend’s house (since neither had the address once they got to the block) to get to the Super Bowl viewing on time – nicely done; the Coke ads were all heart-warming – especially the one where the Thanksgiving balloons Underdog and Stewie (from “Family Guy”) fight for a balloon Coke, and balloon Charlie Brown comes out the winner; and the Budweiser ad where the Clydesdale worked hard (Rocky-like) under the Dalmatian’s coaching, to become a Budweiser Clydesdale.

But, the ads were not nearly as interesting as, say, the last quarter of the Super Bowl – a serious nail-biter as I kept having my doubts and the Giants proved me (and others) wrong; good for you, True Believers! Giants are indeed resilient.

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  1. Memorable quote:

    “Everybody said that (Brady) couldn’t get rattled,” New York linebacker Antonio Pierce said. “I don’t know if he got rattled, but he got grass stains.”

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