Aww. Say it ain’t so, NBC – leaving Burbank? To me, Burbank is synonymous with NBC!

You know, you got to hand it to the Vatican – being an institution with so many years under the belt, it probably has a certain… perspective, to say the least. After all, their Secret Archives is now finally releasing 700 year old documents that appear to absolve the Knights Templar of heresy. They had normal sins (sex, violence, and stuff), but were tortured to confess Bad Sins like worshiping idols because they were expendable for political reasons.

A tour of the Underground Railroad’s connection to Brooklyn profiled in the NY Times.

The NY Times’ Travel section even profiled Alma Mater as a sort of spot for exploration. This is a contrast to the news of a hate crime at campus. Trying to keep a perspective, but it’s not easy to be optimistic when the world tends to show how it sucks.

A NY Times review of a bio on Charles Schultz of “Peanuts” fame.

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