Singapore Sling

End of week 1 in a two week company training course – leadership and strategy.  Staying at the Rasa Sentosa Singapore. Not much time to look around. Full-on days from 8:30am – 6:30pm. We had a fantastic lecturer/facilitator, Bill Fischer, who happened to be a Yankee’s fan. Had fun checking the Yankee’s series during the class but upset they again failed in the 1st round of the post-season. Looks like it’s Joe Torre’s last. Great run.

Had dinner with a colleague and her husband last night and then having a quiet Saturday morning. Woke up at an obscene 6am (!!!) by my own and surfing the web and catching up on all my readings. Time for some breakfast and arrange to see my relatives here.

Then later tonight we start up with week 2 of the course focusing on hands-on leadership. No evening breaks so it’ll be pretty intensive.

So much to catch up and do though….

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  1. Hi, YC! How’s the weather in Singapore? We now suddenly have real October temperatures in the city, after that odd Indian summer of last weekend…

  2. Hey ssw15,

    HOT and HUMID. Got a lot of afternoon rains. Weather has been a bit strange. The Rasa Sentosa wasn’t all that nice because it’s surrounded by PSA (Port of Singapore Authority) and you see containers, ships every where. Just imagine having an island in the middle of Elizabeth NJ or Brooklyn…

    Taipei weather is quite cool now and comfortably fall.

    Now I’m the only one left on the island…. let’s see how long it’ll take me to return States-side 😉

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