Handled one or two chores; visited various sites:

New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex at Grand Central – Architects of the New York City Subway, Part II: Squire Vickers and the Subway’s Modern Age (on exhibit from July 30 through October 28, 2007) – cool stuff. Architect Squire Vickers worked as an architect of the subway stations was even part of the designing of the mosaics. The exhibit included some of his letters – charming stuff from the era of the 1920’s and 1930’s. The main museum in Brooklyn apparently has an exhibit on collages – I really would like to check that out soon.

National Museum of the American Indian, NYC, at the Alexander Hamilton US Customs House (also home to the US Bankruptcy Court, SDNY). Interesting paintings exhibit, where modern art meets painters’ desire to be consistent or honor their ancestry; plus, liked the use of space in its renovated basement pavilion.

Fraunces Tavern Museum – interesting stuff. Interesting exhibits on George Washington portraiture and the history of Fraunces Tavern.

Federal Hall, on Wall Street (actually went inside this time, not just walked by; I work in the area as it is, and usually come up with excuses with why I don’t go inside – didn’t work as well this time). Interesting little exhibits on Alexander Hamilton and the Civil War riots (which occurred in the area).

Will be back at the office on Wednesday — sigh…

Some articles read –

NY Times’ Charles McGrath on Metropolitan Musem of Art’s Philippe de Montebello. Basically, Mr. de Montebello is more than just the man in charge of the Met who has a plummy accent (just teasing!) – but the article is a fascinating profile – his aristocratic background, his intellect, and his love of art. Mr. de Montebello’s longevity and power makes him “the Sun King” of his institution – the institution is the man, perhaps?

NY Times’ Caryn James on “Austen Powers: Making Jane Sexy” – as the movie “Becoming Jane” is coming out, the mystery of Jane Austen’s life (was she ever in love? why did she never marry?) continues.

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