Shootout at the Waterfront

This past weekend I finally was able to check off another of those “No Opportunity Wasted” items, and joined in with a group of P’s friends to compete in the Asian American 72 Hour Film Shootout. I’ve always thought about doing it, but never got it together. This year, the critical mass finally came together.

The required theme for this year’s competition was “Elizabeth Ong is missing…”. We ended up with a 3 minute cannonball run thriller that had us dashing through the streets of Long Island City and driving through the back roads around the FDR Drive. I was technical director, which involved being the go-to guy when we ran into a problem, and making sure nobody hurt themselves.  We all gained practical experience in movie making. The best part of it was that we all made new hard and fast friends — that was the best takeaway from this experience. There’s 63 other teams out there, so let’s see how far we can go at the AAIFF film festival.

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