TGIF! – Post Memorial Day Week

Spending the Friday afternoon away from the office. Thank goodness. ’nuff said.

What is up with the Yankees? Well, glad that I’m more NY Met fan, but the media frenzy in NYC over the Yankees is kind of sickening.

The NY Times’ Mark “The Minimalist” Bittman on Soft Shell Crab Poor-boys. A la Homer Simpson: Mmm. Soft shell crabs. Beware of the video accompanying the on-line article – Bittman warns that there is brutal violence toward crabs.

The NY Times’ Linda Greenhouse on Justice Ruth Ginsburg‘s finding her voice via dissent.

Interesting profile in the New York Observer on Rohit Aggarwala, head of NYC’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability and behind Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC (the whole trying to fix transportation and going green in the city plan). An APA in public service. Cool. Well, ok, disclaimer: he was my TA when I was an undergrad taking an American history course, and he was a nice guy. I may be cynical about how the hometown may one day be a better city, but I guess we got to keep hoping.

TV season finales — umm, yeah, I think I’ll write up some commentary on that. Soon. Really.

Cool You Tube video – amazing look at female portraiture in Western art over the past 500 years:

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