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Sooo, Mondays are that much more competitive in the wonderful world of tv, with Heroes up against 24.  Now, I’d like to be an actual 24 fan, only the violence gets a bit much for me.  Like who else will die; it gets a little crazy and seriously depressing.  Plus, the plot holes get a little annoying (am I really supposed to be believe these seemingly non-suicidal terrorists would let a-bombs go off?  At least be a few hundred miles away before letting the nuke blow up.  They have to be suicidal, yet one of these idiots helping the terrorists seems to think giving them a-bombs would help him and his girlfriend have lots of moola – is that all??).
Also, things are getting interesting on Heroes – actor Masi Oka is the real pleasure to watch.  Playing the time-space bender Hiro, he’s entertaining.  I like it most when they move past the near-stereotyping (“Asian nerd” stereotype can be a bit irritating to watch) – Hiro as the tragic hero – who likes his powers but is slowing maturing – has been fascinating.  Soon to be on Heroes: George Takei (Sulu of Star Trek) as Hiro’s dad; turns out that Takei can speak Japanese.

I find the actor Masi Oka to be intruiging too – he still has his day job for George Lucas’ special effects company and he managed to have dual-majored in math, comp sci, and minored in drama at Brown U (talk about being way smart).

Hiro has a cool interaction with Nathan, the superpowered congressman wanna-be played by Adrian Pasdar (once known for his FOX tv-fan-cult show Profit, where he played a most troubled character…) – ex., Hiro happily calling Nathan “Flying Man” (having been the one person so far who has seen Nathan fly) and Nathan hoping he’ll stop doing that; and Nathan’s rather amusing attempt to help Hiro improve his English (“Billian”/”No, ‘Villain'” – Nathan being rather patient).  The two might turn into the most amusing sci-fi/fantasy pals pairings – kind of like Star Trek The Next Generation’s Data and Geordi (only Nathan is that much more of a straight man to Hiro’s funny guy).  Heck, they might even rival Star Trek’s Worf’s funnier moments (the “I am not a Merry Man” line has got to be among Worf’s best).  That I’m noticing the dramatic sci-fi’s funny moments has to mean something positive!
Plus, Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohinder, the Indian genetics professor who’s the Professor X of the Heroes (ok, sorry – an X-Men reference on my part; Mohinder has no known powers at this time) – he’s quite a watch – good looking and I love his accent (okay, I like accents on good-looking and intelligent-seeming men).  Another cool Asian-American (he does the accent so well – yet he turns out to be Chicago-born and TX raised).  With Oka and Ramamurthy, I’m looking forward to seeing more diversity on tv!

Super Bowl hype time – well, I certainly find it great that you have two African-American head coaches – great stories – plus the whole Peyton Manning Saga – can he prove himself already?  (well, I’m pulling for the Colts – Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy have to do it already – momentum time!).

The passing of Rev. Robert Drinan – progressive priest, ex-congressman and ex-dean of Boston College Law School.  Fascinating reflection about Drinan on Newsweek’s website.

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