Wet and Dreary, Simple and Clean, Video Game Music

Weather: 25 degrees going up to 37, snow/sleet hitting the ground not sticking. I didn’t want to go out today for lunch, but Golden Crust has $1 Jamaican beef patties until the end of January, so we didn’t want to miss out.

Cellphones: I pay too much for phone service that I don’t use all of. Even with my mom on as a family plan, I have like a gizillion rollover minutes on Cingular. On the other hand my SMS plan gets occasionally maxed out and the occasional long distance call is killer. My plan is over in April; while the iPhone looks fantastic, I have to think that the Samsung BlackJack, the Cingular 8525 or something Windows Mobile will be more practical.

Incredibly painful 2 days of American Idol. Maybe it was the editing, but it seemed that most of the contestants thought it was a costume contest, not a talent show. The montage of 27 different butcherings of the Pussycat Dolls’ Don’t Cha was crazy.

Been watching more of the cable channel G4 especially because of their tech coverage (miss CNET TechTV), and seeing lots of the old and new video games. Some of the best music actually ended up in video games. I’m re-discovering Japanese singer Utada Hikaru. She has more talent in her pinkie than two cities full of Idol wanabes. She composes, sings, and is awesome on the piano. Why aren’t they signing her up? And yes, she’s a New Yorker and an alumnae of SSW’s school. There’s a touring concert series called “Video Games Live” that performs video game themes. Will have to find them when they get to this neck of the woods.

Kingdom Hearts PS2 finale (song composed by Utada)

Unplugged version

Video Games Live orchestra version

Video Games Live tribute to 8-bit games

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