Weekend wrapup

Brooklyn Museum: The lines were 1.5 hours to get into the Annie Leibovitz (show your Metrocard for 2 for 1 admission until 1/21). I really liked the photos that had the subjects either in action or in their environment. Did she have a good eye, or did just her notoriety attract the beautiful and the elite? I think she had her own doubts, because she would self-assign projects such as going to Sarajevo in the middle of the Balkan War or shoot landscapes in the American Midwest. She was the most sure of herself when photographing family. Check it out before it closes next week. At least they have an enclosed foyer filled with Rodin castings to wait in.

Franny’s – After enduring the crowds, we went to one of the upstart Brooklyn pizza contenders, Frannie’s. For those that know me, you can figure out the obvious attraction. Features: organic locally sourced ingredients, meats cured and made into sausage on premises, wood-burning brick oven, ultra thin crust. We ordered the Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella with Anchovies and Chilies, and Tomato and Mozzarella with House-Made Sausage pizzas, which are individual dinner-plate sized (about equal to 2-3 regular slices). The desserts were not appealing (everything was too creamy), so we ordered the “Satsumas and Cara Caras with Hot Pepper and Bitetto Olive Salsa”, which our waitress had said that a number of people had ordered instead as a fruit plate. All very good, although you do pay for the organic ingredients – it’s about the same price as Grimaldi’s for a slightly smaller pie and twice as expensive as your neighborhood pizza. For straight-up quality though, I have to give a slight edge to Franny’s over Grimaldi’s. Tje crust is the best part – it has that perfect softness/crispiness that is so hard to achieve. The toppings, while seemingly skimpy, are rich and blend perfectly, and don’t end up all over your lap. Recommended.