MLK Weekend

A salute to Martin Luther King, Jr. The hope that the world can continue to improve continues.

The man who will not retire: Bill Moyers may be coming back to tv with yet another weekly show. God love him, I’m glad he’ll do it. If you have it in you, and the world needs your voice, why not get back out there?

Saturday: went shopping at Staten Island Mall. Not nearly as fun a place as it used to be, but it’ll do. Bought books at Borders (I could have sworn I wasn’t going to buy anything this month, after the spending for Christmas that I did), so to redeem holiday rewards dollars. Some interesting reading to look forward to doing and good bargains.

And, of course, tonight is the premiere of “24.” Hmm, should be interesting.

In my internet surfing, I was reminded that it’s the 20th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 20?! Yikes. But, it’s true – 1987. I checked though – the actual anniversary’s not until September, as opposed to, say, how the later spinoffs premiered (Deep Space 9 and Voyager both aired as January premieres).

Sooner or later, Hollywood’s going to have to figure out whether You Tube is “friend or foe,” as this NY Times article suggests. There are pros and cons, no doubt – but big bucks are also involved…

Slate’s “Jurisprudence” on an analysis and slide show of Justice William Brennan’s views and notes. Cool stuff.

I know; I’m old-fashioned: while still trying to get rid of more clutter, I listened to some CD’s, my belated Xmas presents. “Jersey Boys” Broadway show album – awesome! Now, if only I’ll ever see the show… Snow Patrol (I know the “Chasing Cars” song is a bit ubiquitous these days, but the album “Eyes Open” is overall pretty good), and The Fray (yes, their song “How To Save a Life” is also all over the place – both Snow Patrol and The Fray have to thank “Grey’s Anatomy” for putting their songs on the commercials and soundtracks; but The Fray’s album is also overall pretty good).

Food eaten: homemade fried wontons – yum. (Good – delicious! Bad – my weakness for fried foods will likely do me in one day); Dunkin Donuts’ munchkins. I believe that munchkins make you happy. Bit into the sugar coated ones, thinking it’d be either a jelly or a creme; turns out to be creme. Happy little surprise. The world sucks, at least if you watch the news, but you got to take the little joys in life.


In a world record for me, I’ve actually satisfied the first half of my new year’s resolution in only 12 days by joining up with the YMCA with P- today. The local YMCA facility is brand new. The second half is to start swim classes.

In other purchases, bought a fine mesh conical strainer. It will come in handy the next time I’m making a gravy from roast beef. Bailed on buying an OXO water kettle. Tasty treats from Sahadi’s and the store next door, Damascus Bakery. They have really good, not too sweet Halvah, a sesame desert made from a secret receipe.