Asian America redux

I love this article: Little Asia on the Hill. Author could’ve delved deeper into the themes more but I’m sure they will be thrashed out on the AA sites like Model Minority (aka Angry Asian Association). Every 15-20 years, this gets hashed out and the themes I argued years ago in the late 80s, early 90s is starting to come to play now. Back then I was the minority within the minority, but no doubt my views will prevail. It got me to reminisce back in the day when I crossed swords on Soc.Culture.Asian.American USENET group with the likes of Alan Hu (Stanford), Arthur Hu (AsianWeek columnist), Tim Lee, Wataru Ebihara (OSU/Ohio), JJ the curmudgeon from ATT Bell Labs (email address [email protected] or something like that), George Wu, Andrew Chin, Gary Tse, Bryan Wu, Roger Tang (UWash aka Just a theatre geek), James Pak, etc.

Ah, memory lane.