Egg nog a capella

Weird capitalist Christmas: I don’t know why the local Key Food supermarket has 6 different brands of egg nog. They only carry 3 different brands of milk, so that doesn’t make sense. Three of them are pictured in the flickr bar above. I bought the Lactaid version, and it wasn’t bad at all, and no gastrointestinal revenge afterwards.[Egg Nog]

If you would believe it, there is actually a legal definition of egg nog. Apparently under FDA rules, it is illegal to add yellow food coloring to egg nog, because it can give the impression that there is more egg yolk in the product than actually has been included.

Brooklyn Youth Chorus is having their holiday concert next Saturday in Brooklyn Heights. I went last year and this Grammy winning children’s singing group is always wonderful.

I love a capella in general and I tried searching around YouTube for some performances. Apparently U Penn has a gazillion a capella groups, including ones that do exclusively Chinese (PennYo), Korean (PennSori), and Indian songs (Penn Masala). I really liked PennYo’s covers of Jay Chou songs. They were full of expression and excitement.

PennYo: Jay Chou – Jian Dan Ai/Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply melody

They also did an Infernal Affairs spoof:

They had a performance in New York in October – I wished that I knew about it.