Various things of thanks

Monday P- took me to Lupa, Mario Batali’s Roman themed restaurant, for my birthday. We ordered the antipasti, which were Batali’s homemade sliced meats, as well as an array of seafood salads. They were wonderful – it’s one thing to have things like sardines from a can, and a whole other thing when they are prepared fresh. We followed with pasta – she had tripe sauce with rigotini, and I had tagatale with pork ragu. Didn’t seem so big, but boy were they filling! The desert was concord grape sorbet and ricotta gelato. Far more delicate than you would think. Definitely worth it.

Thanksgiving dinner today was at P’s mom’s house. It was early because P’s brother had to go to work at 6. We had all of the traditional foods – she even made cranberry sauce from scratch – we’re so full.

Amazing Race 10 – The Cho Bros turn out to be too nice and get dumped by Team Alabama. It’s too bad – I really liked them. I also got to see the first 2 episodes of Amazing Race Asia – pretty good. They put the non-elimination in the first leg, which is great because we get at least two episodes to get acquainted with everyone. I’m rooting for the M & M brothers fro Jakarta, Mardy and Marsio. Not exactly the most athletic team, they have to play smart instead.

Maybe I’ll be able to wake up early and go with P to Macy’s tomorrow. We’ll see if I can manage it.

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