In Search Of

I get the occasional request to research unusual things. This time it was for seeking a Pinoy Filipino Scrabble set. To save the effort for people in search of it, here is what I found:

The makers of Scrabble in the Phillipines is

Henry J. Estrella, , Mabuhay Educational Center Inc., 3 Agno St., Quezon City Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES
[email protected]

There appears no way to order it online, and there are no sets on ebay right now.

This is what it looks like:

The Phillipines set actually uses the same number and distribution of letter tiles as the English set, except you can use Tagalog words, so there is no advantage to getting the “Pinoy” set unless you need the rules in Tagalog.

Philly addresses I didn’t get to put in the last time:
Chinese restaurant: Shiao Lan Kung, 930 Race St. 19107
Gelato: Capogiro, 117 South 20th Street, 10107

Chatted with YC this morning, which was nice. He’s headed to the Philippines today.