Sweet Land of Liberty

I’m in Philadelphia, the land of liberty, with P- for a Asian lawyers conference. More exactly, I’m here for the conference to score some continuing education credits, and she’s here to eat and shop.

Since it’s mostly on my own dime, we took the Apex Chinatown bus. $20 round trip is an unbeatable price, even with a few glitches. The driver had the heat ramped up while we were waiting – it was like 95 degrees even with the roof vents open. Someone convinced him to turn the AC on instead. Then we were in the stop and go traffic of the Holland Tunnel, and the clutch wasn’t cooperating in the low gears – every once in a while the driver would misshift and the transmission would jar the bus as if we ran over the curb. It got much better when we made it to the Turnpike and got up to highway speeds. In Cherry Hill, a few guys got off – apparently they use the Apex bus to commute to and from jobs in New York. That is really crazy.

Walking from Chinatown, we headed to our hotel at Club Quarters, which was a 15 minute walk through the heart of the city. We stopped by at 5 Guys burgers on Chestnut Street – even 15 minutes to closing, the food was fresh and flavorful. Recommended.

Tomorrow, judging moot court while P- goes while through the city and possibly gets a pedicure.

Oh yeah, I guess I was too pessimistic in my last post – the Dems did win that 51st seat in the Senate. To think that at the end the Republicans lost the Congress because that 51st senator insulted an Indian American – now that’s what I call karmic payback. Sweet!

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