cockroach and the toilet bowl

Huge 2 incher fell into the toilet bowl a few days ago. I couldn’t flush him down, somehow the bugger was able to hang on the side of the bowl. So I just left him in there to give me an opening… then yesterday, he did just that. He wandered to the far side and exposed himself. I took a shower hose and hosed him into the water. He was struggling mightily to swim back to porcelain ground but I wouldn’t budge. The water turned brownish from his coloring…. Then slowly flushed the toilet continually hosing him down with the shower hose. He drowned. RIP.

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  1. Things roaches can’t get away from that are not too toxic to humans: 1. liquid soap (breaks the water tension, roach drowns) 2. bleach (includes mold & mildew spray) (dissolves outer protein shell, roach disintegrates), 3. dry boric acid powder (cuts outer shell, gets stuck in “lungs”, roach dehydrates).

  2. I didn’t know about the bleach technique. Boric acid worked great before when I lived on Hudson Street years ago. But can’t find that in Taipei. Not sure how the liquid soap works though…. these critters move fast!

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