Sit, Pluto, Sit… (Bark!) … Good Dog!

Umm, yeah, sorry, the official announcement’s out: Pluto is the (Dwarf) PlanetNot a planet (or at least of the major ones of our solar system).  Lots of corresponding videos on the story too – loved how CNN has as its space correspondent Miles O’Brien on the story ( has video where O’Brien talks to Hayden Planetarium’s own Neil DeGrasse Tyson on the topic of Pluto’s demotion – which Tyson had got on the bandwagon long ago).  As crazy as it sounds, the Trekkie in me would say – “Ohmigod, Miles O’Brien?” – which I’m sure this non-fictitious O’Brien has to put up with from Star Trek fans.  But, come on, Star Trek’s Chief Miles O’Brien was a great guy!  And, I’m sure he liked Pluto… or would like Pluto, anyway.
The gimmick of this upcoming season’s “Survivor” – wherein team’s are initially set by race/ethnicity (that is, before the presumed merger, where one tribe is made to determine the ultimate winner) – well, it just gives me pause.  A long pause.

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