Entertainment Weekly has Hugh Laurie a.k.a. House on the cover.  The man wasn’t even nominated for an Emmy, yet still delivers the goods.  And to think that this week, FOX re-aired the powerful episode where Dr. Foreman almost dies and House goes to extremes (as usual) to cure him.

ABC re-aired the Grey’s Anatomy Super Bowl episode – wherein Grey meets Bomb Squad Guy, who faces an unceremonious end.

George W. Bush’s summer reading… Camus’ The Stranger.  Funny, I would never have pegged the president reading French existentialism.  Plus, from what I remember of the book (having read the English translation way back in high school), the narrator was… well, having serious existential problems (Mersault had quite a disconnect from normality/mainstream society; I mean, come on, he was a murderer).  If he really is reading Camus, I guess that means his taste in reading is slightly “better” than Bill Clinton’s (who, one summer, was reading one of those mystery novels I’d read, if I remember correctly).  Eh.

Poking around the Usenet groups and the web’s assorted sundry, I found this article that summed up why the latest Mary Worth comic strip storyline is on the bizarre side: Mary Worth got a new strip writer, who’s putting the focus on Mary herself.  The stalker is still stalking Mary.  Yikes.

Oh, God, I bought another book at Barnes and Noble.  At least it was a bargain book and a good price: hardcover for paperback price for Ngaio Marsh’s “Artists in Crime,” a classic Inspector Alleyne story, wherein he solves a very strange murder at an artists colony and meets and falls hard for the artist, Agatha Troy and faces what will be known as his Seige of Troy… I wasn’t going to say no to that!

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