This Week

Monday: Went to Grimaldi’s and Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory with the gang. Mmm. 😉

Eight planets or 12? I prefer 8 – why keep counting Pluto? What coincidence that I’m in the middle of reading up on the planets and the astronomers are trying to figure out what to do with our solar system. And, why are astronomers sounding like lawyers in trying to define “planet”? Hmm.
Judge Richard Posner posits that USA needs its own MI-5, in light of how that British organization foiled the terrorist plot in Britain. Hmm.
Ming-Na (formerly known as Ming-Na Wen), soon to be on a new FOX show. Well, not sure if it’s a show I’d watch (kind of like her last (very quickly cancelled) show was so not a show I watched at all) – these serial thrillers think they’re all jumping on the 24 bandwagon.

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