Terrific weather!

Prof. Jed Rubenfield, constitutional law expert, is going to have a novel out. Hmm. I still haven’t read Prof. Stephen Carter’s The Emperor of Ocean Park (which I heard was pretty good), but the idea of law profs going fiction – well, I can’t help being just a little intruiged. Of course, this assumes that the book is any good. I mean, your legal writing may be top notch, but… Well, we’ll see.

NY Times’ Alessandra Stanley writes on how tv’s coverage on terrorism has become normalized. That may be true, in light of the recent news (and considering how in depth all the newspapers have been too, I might add), but I’m almost glad I don’t have cable, lest I’d be even more inundated on the news stuff.

Oh, and I just love that Entertainment Weekly cover of the fall movie previews issue this week.  The movies don’t excite me very much yet, but the cover – the new James Bond, Daniel Craig – hot!  Plus some gag “covers” of the past James Bonds (although, I believe at least two of the past Bonds were within the lifetime of EW – Brosnan anyway, not sure about Dalton).  Cool!

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