To Be Thursday

Ah, Tuesday and Wednesday – such perfect weather.  Sunshine; not hot; breeze.  Ah…

Finished reading In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote.  Gripping read.  Fantastic writing.   I recommend it.  All kinds of legal and moral questions for the reader to ponder about.  Hmm.  Dare I now watch the movie, “Capote” to get the story behind the book?

Comics read:

Funky Winkerbean – has got to be the most depressing comic strip of the soapy-dramedy comic strips out there.  Lisa, the lawyer, has an aggressive recurrence of her breast cancer, and this time, the cartoonist has one really wondering if she’ll make it; so, Lisa and her husband, Les, are heading on vacation (their last?) together, letting their toddler stay with their best friends, and it’s really, really sad.  Mortality is just drawn on their faces.  The cartoonist just loves making his characters suffer (or live life as it is, but I read comics to not feel bad, so come on!).

Judge Parker – Randy Parker, the judge’s son, is indeed running for his father’s judgeship.  But, this is going to piss off the client, who wants to be the one helping Randy’s campaign and Randy’s going to somehow tell him, “no, I don’t want you to help…” because Randy wants to be his own man in this effort (and has his own friends to help).  Hmm.  This is going to be interesting, since Horace (the client – odd name) is an odd old fuddy duddy (who tried to push Randy to get married to be a better candidate – like, what era do you live in, sir?).  The plot twists have a way of being a bit interesting in this comic strip, and the new cartoonist (who joined forces with the writer of the comic strip) has solid talent (no longer does Randy, Sam, and the rest of the cast look stiff – they look very animated and arty-looking).

Mary Worth – umm, she’s being stalked.  This guy wants to date her, and won’t take no for an answer.  Scary stuff.

Annie – Annie, Daddy Warbucks, and the gang are on a mysterious island, where the animals have mutated into huge animals and ate three out of the four stranded scientists.  Umm, that seriously sucks.  The cartoonist’s talented; the script’s a bit lame, though; maybe the Judge Parker writer can help.  Oh, well.

Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick is in Hawaii for the ABA convention – and covers Justice Kennedy’s speech.  Cool stuff.

According to Time magazine’s tv critic, Jamie Poniewozik, people prefer fake people over real people in their ads (and in their lives, in all likelihood) – so, they don’t like Daimler Chrysler’s Dr. Z because… they don’t think he’s a great mascot and has a … fake German accent and, well, he’s … real?  Well, I like Dr. Z, I miss Lee Iacocca too.  But, I’m not the sucker buying these cars, so who am I to say?

Ohmigod – She-Ra on DVD?  What else of my childhood will pop up next?

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