Weekend Rundown!

So, what have we got?

– BBQ – soo much meat. I don’t think I’ve eaten that much meat. Bee-yoo-ti-ful weather. A nice subway ride to the Bronx (passing by Yankee Stadium, I realized that I really do go to that many more Met games; I really so don’t make trips to the Bronx, so at least the annual picnic is an excuse to make a trek) – love how MTA makes it possible to have basically only one subway going out of my end of Brooklyn, and then only local all the way up. Eh. At least I got air conditioning and a seat and – seeing how the subway really does seem like the only place where I read books anymore, thus I am now more than halfway through In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote.

Oh, and by the way – the kal bi – great marinade. Bit rare for my preference (I like my meat well-done), but still tasty. The hamburger, the chicken-turkey burger, the hot dog — okay, I had more than my fair share of protein. Thanks again for the ride back to Bklyn, FC and P – and you two really did a great job with the food!

A great lyrical and enlightening summer read, which I finished this weekend – The Planets by Dava Sobel. If you’re into planets, as I have been, this is a highly recommended book.

Finally watched “A Fish Called Wanda” off of my tapes – not nearly as laugh-out-loud-funny as I had long hoped, but very entertaining nonetheless, as the plot twists are absolutely head-spinning. George “leads” a band of theives; Ken (fantastically played by ex-Monty-Python Michael Palin) is the stutterer/animal lover thief; Wanda (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) is George’s girlfriend/thief; Otto (played by Kevin Kline) is ex-CIA (who’s too stupid to actually be ex-CIA, but eh…) and joins the band as “Wanda’s brother” (uh-huh, sure); and Archie Leach (great name! coincidentally – or not?! – Cary Grant’s real name; Leach the character is played by fellow-Monty-Python John Cleese) is George’s barrister, who also falls for Wanda – and ah, that Wanda – she manages to wrap all the men in her fingers…

Personally, I really enjoyed Palin – never realized that he was this good a comedic actor (ok, basically I’ve only seen some of the Monty Python stuff and his trips around the world documentaries, so what do I really know?). Cleese is always consistent. The movie pretty much stands up to the test of time, and well, gee, there really is a difference in how British lawyers and American lawyers practice law… Well, whether this will be a keeper in the SSW collection remains to be seen…

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