Blog postings have been a little sparse, mostly because my laptop is on the fritz. There’s something up with the trackpad – I have to keep my hand near the pad or the computer freezes until I put it back.

Finished the book “What Would the Founders Do?”, which offers insights into what would the founders of the United States really do if faced with the issues of today. Does Scalia’s vision of “original intent” jive with what the written record reveals? Turns out that they had actually thought about things like weapons of mass destruction (items contaminated with measles), terrorism (Barbary States pirates), intelligent design (Franklin was against) and term limits (George Washington). Some critics on Amazon complain that the book could have been more detailed, but it would miss the mission of being a more lighter, general-reading book. Not bad.

Cool Food TV shows: Road Tasted (Paula Dean’s sons drive around the country – New York Italian episode was pretty good). Bobby Flay Throwdown got the chili champ to give up some secrets – light brown sugar. Alton Brown Feasting on Asphalt – lots of eating stuff that is really bad for you. The trick with the pull-down map going up like a windowshade revealing the site in question is slick.

Check out the delicious bar on the right – I’ll be adding links in the fly as a “micro blog” of what I am doing. News becoming discouraging – what part of “Thou shall not kill” did these people Going to keep it inside for heatwave #2. My home AC is just not cutting it during this 100 degree weather.

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