Popping In ….

Haven’t blogged in a while.  Last week was in London for a Global IT conference at the Riverside Park Plaza hotel.  Cost of the conference for two days was 1500 sterling.  Fantastically crazy price.  I’ve been spoiled with the relatively low cost of Asian hotels at 5 star levels.  Riverside Park Plaza was pretty crappy blah :(.  Have to say that the Cathay Flight on business from TPE – LHR was great.  Cathay is certainly a top airline without the BA or Sing Air pricing.  Just excellent! 🙂

Tomorrow, on the way to Singapore and staying at the Shangri-La for Prince 2 training – Foundation and Practitioner.  Company standard.  Project Management is pretty common sensical stuff though.

Summer has arrived in Asia and I’m glad no more rain.  The humidity though… oh well. 

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