Just got back in – we’re 2 hours early. The flight was relatively bumpy, and the food, while still better than any other airline, wasn’t quite as good. A really bizarre HK movie, McDull, the Alumni
was on, which seemed to be something like a Cantonese version of Monty Python. Ultraviolet and Pink Panther were really bad. The Discovery channel was the best overall.

As a rule, I bump into at least one person that I know on just about every trip. I didn’t know it was going to be P from the bar association, and that he was going to sit across the aisle from me on the plane back with his girlfriend.

Recovery, and some thoughts later today.

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  1. Welcome back to Brooklyn, guys! We must catch up one of these days. Well, I’d advise recovering from the trip first, of course – jet lag and all that, I’m sure…

  2. i’m tired. went back to HK and also hit up that Russian place again.

    Safe travels, glad you got home safe. I booked a 15 hour TPE – LHR (that’s London/Heathrow) flight for 3rd week of June. I’ll let you guys know how it is. Got another one booked for Islamabad, Pakistan via Singapore airlines.

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