It’s 10:35pm; do you know where your children are? Just when you think it’s time to give up with baseball, they suck you back in… This Boston v. Oakland, Game 5, is turning out to be quite a watch. The A’s are trying to tie it up – again – and poor Johnny Damon had to be ambulanced out. The Yankee fans must be biting their nails, worrying who will be the team their team shall play in the league champion round. Makes me almost glad that I usually put up with the Mets.

“If It Wasn’t For Your Love” there wouldn’t be so many people

Cue Soundtrack: Heather Headley, “If It Wasn’t For Your Love”. [Windows Media]
Go ahead, hit the link — it’s the couple’s song — and keep on reading.

Dragonboaters salute
the new couple

There are certain experiences that are hard to put into words, or at least are easier to put in terms of another culture or another mode of expression. This wedding was one of those times.

Would I be standing here
After all these years
Among the stars above
Maybe not, if it wasn’t for your love

Just for the fact that this was a chicken dance-, electric slide-, macarena-, and (almost) conga- free wedding banquet automatically put it in the top five. Also, there were no Stupid Cantonese Wedding Tricks, which was also excellent. The food was quite good, the noodles were song (that’s al dente to everyone else) and the booze was free-flowing. But the fact that there were 65 tables of guests — that is 650 people — that put it over the top.

Smiling faces all around
Like when a king that has just been crowned
A battle has been won
That I’d have lost
If it wasn’t for your love

Waves of food served by an army of waitstaff, circles of dancers clasped and coupled every which way, the bride and groom carried aloft by dozens of people much like if there was a giglio (that’s an Italian dancing tower to you) during the “Hava Nagila” (“Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad”, a traditional Jewish wedding dance song). Just if it were Chinese with techno music. Agape would be the right word — the joy that everything is right for once in the world.

A fairy tale unfolds
More true than stories I’ve been told

One of the unspoken rules on this blog is that — to protect the innocent — we aren’t going to name anyone not in the public view, not even fellow writers. However, there were so many people at this wedding that I think the new couple qualifies as public figures. You’ve touched the lives of so many people in such a profound way that this is the fairy tale that you deserve: we’ll deal with tomorrow in the sequel, but today, the day is yours.

At last my chance to shine
And all in perfect time
The life I once dreamed of
Who’d have thought
If it wasn’t for your love

I think that was the night that I found it too.

Congratulations, Delphia and Darrow!

Mucho television

I think I’ve overloaded on the television stuff, but that’s just me.

CBS’ “The Handler”
starring Joe Pantaliano, he’s an FBI handler, that is, he preps the special agents who go undercover and retrieves them when their cases are done or get messed up. The series’ premiere was intruiging. Missed last night’s episode, but I can recommend it.

Of course, last night’s “Boomtown” was incredibly good. The show’s about the different views of the cops and LA’s deputy DA when dealing with a case. Actor Neal McDonough as the David McNorris, the deputy DA, was the focus of yesterday’s office; he struggled with prosecuting a cop-killer, his feelings about his father, and his alcoholicism (he just got back from rehab). The portrayal of his internal conflict (where he imagines himself yelling at his boss; versus his reality where he shakes his boss’ hand, thanking him for his support) was great. The actor should have been nominated for an Emmy for his stunning work of last season. (sidenote – McDonough played Lt. Hawke on “Star Trek: First Contact” the movie).

CBS’ “Joan of Arcadia” – quite good so far. The theme song, a slimmed down version of Joan Osbourne’s “One of Us” (the song asking what if God was one of us…) is, well, slimmed down. Amber Tamblyn, ex-Emily of “General Hospital,” plays Joan, a girl who sees God, who takes up the form of any person to tell Joan to set things in motion. Quite fun, really, watching things unfold. Strong cast, with Joe Montagna as Joan’s dad (everytime I hear his voice, I think of the character’s he played on “The Simpsons” (Fat Tony); I can’t help it!) – the police chief of Arcadia; Mary Steenburgen as Joan’s mom; and Jason Ritter as Joan’s wheelchair-using brother (who strongly resembles his dad, the late John Ritter). I definitely recommend this show.

Stay tuned…