Happy Lunar New Year!

From us at triscribe: happy Chinese New Year! (or Lunar New Year; or whatever you celebrate: it is something to celebrate).

Time Out NY has some listings of the events in town.  Here’s a link to Time Out NY’s Chinatown guide; it’s pretty decent, I daresay.

Museum of Chinese in America (MoCA) had their family festival today.

New York Public Library has a nice tumblr post on the Lunar New Year, and noted that the Chatham Square branch has a unique oral history event for the Chinese New Year.

A lot of stuff going on, including… um, that thing called the Super Bowl.  But, whatever it is, have fun!

Taking a Pause to Remember and Reflect

As we have done previously:

Try to remember the kind of September

When life was slow and oh, so mellow.

Try to remember the kind of September

When grass was green and grain was yellow.

-“Try to Remember,” from The Fantasticks.

Another photo I had taken a couple of years ago (maybe last year or two ago?).


(I took the photo above at the Brooklyn Promenade, a couple of years ago.  That framed picture is still there, do check it out if you’re in the neighborhood. — ssw15).



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February 2013 and Time Passing

Because this is triscribe and we are New Yorkers:

The passing of Mayor Ed Koch. See here for the NY Times obituary. The news was a sad one to hear on 1010 WINS first thing in the morning, and the realization that the quintessential New Yorker – even if you disagreed with him – is no longer physically among us.  The mayor of our youth and the road to the New York City that we know now.  Koch would be remembered for his “How’m I doing?” and his legacy – while complicated (since history is never easy) – cannot be ignored.

I’d read Koch’s movie reviews once in awhile; this NY Times item shared a couple of his hilarious reviews.  And, Koch’s curiously amusing and fascinating post-humus video interview with the NY Times, released after he died per his request, done in 2007 and how he wanted to be remembered.  He was Hizzoner.  (apologies to the NY Times, with its nice editorial and all, but I remembered reading about Koch in the hometown paper of the tabloidy Daily News).

An interesting overview and clips from Metro Focus on Channel 13 on Koch.  I couldn’t help but like the photo of Koch in front of the city landscape – with the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in the background – the past and time passing.  Different times!