Stuff in September

Josh Ozersky ponders on the Jewish love for Chinese food as this week’s subject of his food column on

Why am I not surprised that the Law & the Multiverse guys actually explore how Peter Parker is an independent contractor and Clark Kent isn’t? I’m not a Spiderman follower, but did Peter Parker ever take his photography work to a higher level? I mean, various versions of Clark have shown him to be a real journalist, not necessarily a bumbler… (must be that Superman thing).

Angry Asian Man blog on the world biggest Spam musubi. That is a lot of Spam.

h/t: wnyc’s tumblr blogcolor photos of NYC from 1941 by Charles W. Cushman, over at the Daily Mail. Impressive. Bowling Green still looks the same…

Oh, and last but not least: Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart – how is it that you two make the 1980’s/1990’s nostalgia so easy to swallow? (especially Joey – even if he is now going by “Joseph” these days – but he’ll always be Joey to me!). I was watching their ABC Family tv movie, “My Fake Fiance” and was pretty entertained. They play a couple who meet in one of those “I hate you/I love” moments and then get a fake engagement for the gifts and money – only to actually fall in love for real. Yes, it’s a typical romantic-comedy, but I liked their nice vibe and sensual chemistry.

Melissa and Joey’s ABC Family tv series, “Melissa and Joey” is sort of a modern “Who’s The Boss,” but just a touch more yeah-eventually-they-will vibe in less than a season, than “Who’s The Boss” did after years of seasons on the air (I watched a lot of “Who’s the Boss” back in the day – and I liked how Judith Light’s Angela was such an empowered modern woman for the 1980’s and how Tony Danza’s Tony evolved from an ex-ball player to mature college student and future teacher). Is “Melissa and Joey” funny as a sitcom? Not really – I mean, “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” had more funny and that was because Salem the Talking Cat was just nuts – but the chemistry between Melissa and Joey (the characters) works for tv.