APA Heritage Month Still Continues

Because it’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and the topic is pretty fascinating: check out this post from Angry Asian Man’s blog about Asians and Asian imagery in comics, which also concerns a fascinating article in the SF Gate by Jeff Yang and a fascinating exhibit/event at NYU’s A/P/A Institute on the subject.

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And Over at the US Senate…

Per NAPABA: the U.S. Senate failed to pass a cloture vote on judicial nominee Professor Goodwin Liu.  No up or down vote; continued filibustering.

Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick on today’s mess in the Senate. She’s so on point about the hypocrisy.

I get that the Republicans don’t like Liu; just vote straight up or down, rather than be hypocrites about this. I mean, really – the Republicans were upset that he was mean about the nomination of Justice Alito?  As if mere meanness meant that Liu couldn’t be an appellate judge.  And, please don’t tell me that he has no experience.  I eye-roll about how a law professor who has been a Rhodes Scholar isn’t qualified to be an appeals court judge.

Nina Totenberg of NPR reports that Liu is likely to withdraw, since he has been at this for over a year now.

What’s Really On TV?

On cable: I watched a rerun of “Law and Order” – and found that I still mildly enjoyed the episode.  It was the episode where Lara Flynn Boyle as Irritating Reporter and Linus Roach as ADA Cutter used each other (and Cutter was hot while Detective Lupo was sweet, and gosh do I miss Detective Green).

Check out the post at Time.com by James Poniewozik about the CBS previews.  When it comes to dramas, I really don’t get into CBS dramas (gave up the CSI’s and the NCIS’s; would like to watch The Mentalist and Hawaii 5-O, but never really get around to it; never got into Criminal Minds).

But, the previews for two new CBS shows actually looked intriguing to me:

Person of Interest – brought to you by the Exec. Producer J.J. Abrams, and starring Michael Emerson (the ex-Ben Linus of “Lost”) and Jim Caviezel (yeah, guess I’ll wind up being a sucker for yet another Abrams show).  Creepy Emerson who retains Caviezel to be a vigilante; they’re sort of an Odd Couple of crimefighting, as the brains and the brawn.  Hmm…

A Gifted Man – starring Patrick Wilson as a surgeon whose ex-wife – played by Jennifer Ehle (best known to me for “Pride and Prejudice” with Colin Firth), has died but comes back to him as a ghost (or a hallucination) to have him take over her medical clinic for poor people.

But… the thing with intriguing previews is whether the series itself would work as series.  We’ll see…

Not on tv, but… found this link from wnyc’s tumblr blog: CDC is getting us ready on what to do with when a zombie apocalypse arises. I’ll give CDC credit for being creative to get us thinking about emergency preparedness and all that. Also, I’m thinking that the world won’t come to an end this weekend. Who’s with me on this?