April 2011

Texas A&M beat Notre Dame in the NCAA Women’s tournament.

As a follow up to March stuff, I watched “The Adjustment Bureau” with a friend. Entertaining movie, even if a little cheesy at the end. Matt Damon’s fun as David Norris, former Congressman from Brooklyn (I’m not sure if he really convinced me that he was a native of Red Hook), who finds out about The Adjustment Bureau. This leads to questions of what is destiny, free will, and the power of love.

The cast with Damon was pretty solid. Emily Blunt, as the love interest Elise, was charming (even if her character was a little under-written). Got to love John Slattery and Terrance Stamp as agents of The Adjustment Bureau. Anthony Mackie was also moving as the struggling agent of The Adjustment Bureau – his error might have been costly – and might have been fated anyway. And in the end, what is free will – if you believe that The Chairman is still behind things? Hmmm…

Oh, and it’s currently National Poetry Month, besides being the start of baseball season (go Mets! Hope spring eternal and all that).

NCAA Men’s Basketball – End of March Madness 2011

Well, the surprising final two: UConn v. Butler. Low scoring and ugly – 53 v 41; UConn wins. Sorry, Butler. It was as if the ball just wouldn’t get into the damn basket. It really wasn’t just the defense.

On to the NCAA Women’s Championship: Notre Dame v. Texas A&M; maybe there might be more madness…