The President’s Mother

I read the excerpt of Janny Scott’s book on President Obama’s mom in the NY Times Magazine preview; it’s a very illuminating article. The book will likely be fascinating.

I’ve liked Scott’s previous reporting on the subject, so I’m looking forward to one day reading it in book form. I would like it if Obama would one day write about his mom, as fascinating his book on his dad has been.  Of course, I’ve said this repeatedly… (see here, way back in 2008).

Plus, great post from Slate about the above article, concerning how interesting it is that examining the president’s mother brings some insight about his psyche and approach to matters.

If you’re curious about my previous thoughts about Obama’s own books, check out the following links to the triscribe blog: I had read “Dreams of My Father” way back in 2005(!) and had enjoyed it as very good writing (and very interesting for how it was written long before he was US Senator and President); and I remember looking forward to reading “Audacity of Hope” back in 2006 (but I don’t remember if I did get around to reading it).

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