Oh my – It’s November! The year’s going by so fast.

And, it’s… National Novel Writing Month!

Hat tip to my friend NW – “Ice-Skating Bear Kills Circus Head” – dramatic headline. Plus, apparently, Russian circuses train bears to skate and play ice hockey. Seriously, there is a reason why you don’t make animals wear skates.

A profile on a neighborhood in Brooklyn: Sheepshead Bay in the NY Times.

Besides having been Halloween last night, and the whole re-gaining an hour, and the Yankees beating Phillies, we had the NY Marathon today! Congrats to winners and participants (who are winners for doing this!). Derartu Tulu of Ethiopia as number one for the women and Meb Keflezighi of USA as number one for the men. Hooray for Meb, since he’s been at this for quite awhile, and we haven’t seen a USA man in the number spot for so long! In fact, USA men dominated the top ten!

Some other great stories from the Marathon, as usual – including the covering the wheelchair racers, Joan Benoit Samuelson – the former USA champion marathoner, Jorge Torres – a possible American future in American distance running, and another participant: George Hirsch, who at 75 and chairman of NY Road Runners Club – the people behind the Marathon. He looked pretty good running when I was watching it on tv.

A great story on the story behind the wreaths worn by the winners of the Marathon, made by Jane Muhrcke.

And, boo to marathon cheaters; they even deny that they do that kind of thing! The nerve!

The complicated digital library anti-trust matter. Oh, Google.

NY Times’ Janet Maslin on Otto Penzler’s project on getting mystery writers to write about their characters. Fascinating stuff.

Last but not least: an interesting NY Times article on South Koreans and the issue of racial discrimination and xenophobia.