Post-Primary Day

I voted on Primary Day; did you?

There will be a runoff between John Liu and David Yassky in the NYC Comptroller race. John Liu could be the first Asian-American elected to citywide office. Disclaimer: I had Yassky as a prof back in law school. Further disclaimer: I’m not going to mention who I voted for.

There will be a runoff between Bill De Blasio and Mark Green in the NYC Public Advocate race.

I don’t live in New York County, so I didn’t vote in the DA election across the river. Cyrus Vance, Jr., won; there will be a new DA in NY county, ending the Morganthau era. Funny, Vance doesn’t look like Sam Waterston’s Jack McCoy… (never mind; silly joke).

At least three city councilmen have been ousted, including Alan Gerson of lower Manhattan (the district covering Chinatown) who lost to Margaret Chin. More Asians will be representing NYC in city council.

Prof. Peter Kwong answers questions on the City Room Blog of the NY Times on the gentrification of Chinatown.

WQXR will be in a new radio frequency, moving from 96.3 to 105.9
. I’m not big on change; it is weird that WNYC bought WQXR.

Change in NYC. Ah well.