September Something

As I noted previously, in a vague way, there is an opening in the 2nd Circuit of the US Court of Appeals, and with Pres. Obama nominating Asian Americans for federal district court… well, at least we can hope around here in the NY area of what made happen for that next level: US Senator Schumer recommended Judge Denny Chin for the promotion. Considering the whole Bernie Madoff case and that Judge Chin has the experience – well, we’ll see!

Gregory H. Williams, President of City College of CUNY, will be leaving to be President of University of Cincinnati. I still have to read his book, “Life on the Color Line: The True Story of a White Boy Who Discovered He Was Black.”

Apparently, Staten Island has more than pizzerias – a look at some cheap and diverse eats across the Verrazano.

A profile of Chinese tennis player Li Na, in the middle of the US Open – and finding that either Queens or Manhattan Chinatowns suit her fine.

Kind of weird to imagine: Disney doing an exhibition of their treasured stuff.

I’m not a Yankee fan, but I think it’s pretty cool that Derek Jeter tied Lou Gehrig’s franchise record.

I managed to watch most of the new episode of the new show “Glee” on FOX – entertaining, and seems to have potential. I do agree with Time’ James Poniewozik – the show seems to have humor and heart – and flaws. As much as I’m amused by Jane Lynch’s cheerleading squad coach character, I’m a little intimidated by her character (she’s quite a comedic actress; I’d hope for her character to be better than a one-dimensional broad caricature); and I do agree with Poniewozik – Jessalyn Gilsig’s character as the wife of Will, the Glee club faculty advisor – well, she was also way too one-dimensional (although, I think they were trying to move past that by the end of the episode – hard to tell) – and she’s an actress who deserves better than that (she made “Heroes” bearable to watch for me, and I watched “Boston Public” because of her time there). And, the OCD teacher (sorry, guidance counselor?) – well, she’s also a touch annoying.

But, I think Will and the Glee kids are sincere and hopeful (if not a little over their heads). We’ll see how this goes; I’ll give them a chance..