Labor Day Looms

A follow up to the story that I linked on the rapper who allegedly got herself an education: I say “allegedly” because a Slate article by Ben Sheffner says it’s all faked. Daily News has some explaining to do.

At least Daily News did a correct story on the upcoming closing of the French bookstore at Rockefeller; I saw the sign for the closing when I was there last month, and it was sad to think about it. Seeing it in the newspaper makes it no less sad.

Meanwhile, NY Times does some NY stuff – we read in the subway. Books, that is.

Momofuku heading to midtown? Ooh!

The Q&A on the bagel. Ooh!

Ice cream in review, as the summer winds down.

A Power Ranger who wants to do Mixed Martial Arts. As they say in “Grey’s Anatomy”: Seriously? The ex-Green Ranger did a recent return to the Power Rangers show (umm, about a couple of years ago), as the adult version of his character, and he came off his age on the show – meaning, his 30’s. He isn’t a kid anymore, so he really ought to be careful.

Change is coming to the land of tv news: Charlie Gibson’s retiring by the end of the year, with Diane Sawyer as his successor. This isn’t a bad idea at all; but it apparently caught ABC by surprise, because they have no successor for Sawyer on Good Morning America. Hmm. ABC really ought to have better contingency plans.

Plus – one wonders: does hiring one law clerk really mean one justice shall contemplate retirement? Or are we reading too much into the tea leaves for the future of one J. Stevens? Hmm.